The SNAPSHOT Study is a large-scale and long-term study that seeks to measure: 





Stress, and 

Health using 




This study investigates:

  • how daily behaviors influence sleep, stress, mood, and other wellbeing-related factors
  • how accurately we can recognize or predict stress, mood, and wellbeing
  • how interactions in a social network influence sleep behaviors

We hope that the data we collect can be used to guide interventions to improve wellbeing.


Starting in the Fall of 2013, we have been recruiting socially connected groups of MIT undergraduates to join a 30 day study. In total we have collected data from over 200 participants. We have measured physiological, behavioral, environmental and social data using mobile phones, wearable sensors, surveys and lab studies.

During the study we collect:

  • A battery of standardized surveys, including Perceived Stress Scale, MBTI, Big Five, Owl and Lark, and the Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index
  • Self-reported surveys of timing and duration of activities (including sleep), mood, and substance use
  • Actigraphy, light exposure, skin temperature, and electrodermal activity
  • Meta-data from calls, SMS messages, and emails, phone usage, location on Android phones
  • Timing and nutrition of meals
  • Body composition
  • Dim light melatonin

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