Current MIT Members

    Rosalind Picard (Principal Investigator)
    Akane Sano (Research Scientist)
    Sara Taylor (Graduate Student)
    Kevin Cuneo (UROP Student)
    • - Sankey Graph (Coming Soon!)

    • - Communication and Phone Use (Coming Soon!)

    Noah Flowers (UROP Student)
    • - Maps: Wellbeing (Coming Soon!)

    • - Maps: Building Visits (Coming Soon!)

    Alicia Ouyang (UROP Student)
    Margaret Sands (UROP Student)
    • - Actigraph Heatmaps (Coming Soon!)

    Hsiu-Wei Yang (Visiting Student)
    • - Social Network (Coming Soon!)

Current BWH Members

    Charles A Czeisler (Principal Investigator)
    Elizabeth Klerman (Principal Investigator)
    Laura Barger (Investigator)
    Andrew Phillips (Investigator)
    Andrew McHill (Post-doctoral Fellow)
    Conor O'Brien (Senior Project Manager)
    Justin Buie (Research Assistant)

Former Members

Ian MacFarlane (UROP Student)
  • - How Participants Spend their Time (Coming Soon!)

Marisa Rozzi (UROP Student)
  • - Social Network (Coming Soon!)

Tim Higgins (UROP Student)
  • - Self-Reported Daily Wellbeing Measures (Coming Soon!)

Sienna Ramos (UROP Student)
  • - How Participants Spend their Time (Coming Soon!)

William Jung (Visiting Student)
  • - Substances, Sleep, and Wellbeing (Coming Soon!)

Lars Johnsen (Visiting Student)
  • - Demographics (Coming Soon!)